GMI MARINE DISTRIBUTION is a privately owned wholesale company, focused on distribution of RIBs and inflatable boats in North America. It has been established in 2021 in partnership with GRAND MARINE INTERNATIONAL Inc. and GALA MARINE INTERNATIONAL Inc. as a part of GMG GROUP Canada, formed in 2001 in Toronto, ON. From the very first day we have been dedicated strictly to INFLATABLE BOATS with all our passion, enthusiasm and expertise. Our main goal is to build, develop and serve the strongest Dealer Network for our GALA, GALAXY and GRAND (Canada only) boats as a proven market leader. We care about our Dealers, we support them and we grow together! Join our team!



Our company is the accumulation of 30 years experience of our owners and employees in boat building and customer service . From the very first day since 1991, our motto has been: “Step By Step To Perfection”. Perfection in everything we do to the smallest detail. We want to be known for BEST PRODUCT + BEST SERVICE. This is what we do, and we uphold that through:
1. BEST PRODUCTS FROM THE BEST MANUFACTURERS. We have chosen only the most respectable and innovative European manufacturers with an excellent reputation and worldwide presence. No OEM or Private Label products, or anything from low cost suppliers! This is our strong advantage in comparison to many of our competitors.
2. BEST ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY. This is why all our products are so competitive. Our GALA, GALAXY and GRAND boats have a number of registered patents and unique designs with continuous improvement.
3. BEST FEEDBACK. Working with us, you have almost direct access to our Design and Production teams with timely response. We value your experience and expertise, so every great idea will be addressed. We know a lot, but we want to learn more!
4. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is what is hard to achieve and what takes all of our attention every single day. We want you to feel PROTECTED and SUPPORTED in every aspect from technical questions to marketing, service, logistics and finance.
5. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY. These days product availability has become critical. In this we are perfectly set up with our spacious Distribution Centre, carrying a large number of our boats, parts, materials and optional equipment available.
6. CONSISTENSY. Long-term business is what we are, what we build and what we offer to you. If you value that, then let’s do it together.
7. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. All our efforts must result in the smiles of our happy customers. It is hard work and a bumpy road, but this is what we do, what we are known for and always want to be.